Join My Body Positive, Gratitude & Self Love Club

One of the things I have talked about on this blog is the power of manifesting. I think for me manifesting something has not really been about material things as such but helping to think outside the box, search for ideas and try something new. The idea of manifesting really helps me seek outside my comfort zone. One thing I wanted to find whilst I am on this body positive and self love journey is a collective group of other people who are also exploring this.

I’ve been contacted by people on social media about my self love journey which is great but I felt like I wanted a safe space I could discuss some of these ideas. I’ve created a group which I would love to encourage anyone wanting to delve deeper into self love to join. I’ve named it the Body Positive, Gratitude & Self Love Club and I hope I’ll see you on the inside.

The reason for the name is because I want to encourage others to join me in loving their bodies and being body positive. I want it to be all inclusive of every body experiencing this type of journey and I want to see us all celebrating ourselves. I’ve got gratitude in their because, whilst I am of course grateful for the lovely things in my life I find when I actually take a moment to sit and think about it I feel so much better. When I do this on a regular, daily basis, my mood shifts and I think that’s important. It’s a great thing to use when trying to give yourself a bit of self care. Thinking about what you’re grateful for and thankful for opens up your mind. You start to think how you mean to others, how much you have in this world and it’s a bit of a breathe of fresh air from the negativity.

If you’d like to be a part of the club then you can head over to Facebook to join in here.

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