2020 Goals for Success

In September I decided to invest in myself and do a course in Instagram of which I am putting together a strategy across my social media for next year to really push my engagement up. I found this course really interesting and insightful. The leader, Chloe, was inspirational and telling me exactly what I wanted to hear. Her methods made sense, her message about balance resonated with me and I really felt like I learned something that is actionable and without a constant amount of overwhelm.

I then saw Chloe advertising her 1:1 coaching programme 2020 vision and I knew I needed to jump on. I have been umming and ahhing about having a business coach for some time now because I have some pretty big goals but I constantly get imposter syndrome or feel not good enough to jump ahead with them. I turned 30 last year and I wanted to make 2019 the year of more. Most of which I have done and I’m really proud but one thing I have neglected is my business idea and I wanted to put a stop to that. Speaking with Chloe and working together at the end of the year has really helped get me focused. I am so ready for 2020 to be my year.

I wanted to share some of my goals here with you because it’s important to be accountable and it gives me a bit of clarity to have them written down properly. Then I can refer back to this post throughout the year and check in on my progress.

Personal Goals
Swim 52 Miles
Walk 500 Miles
Do 52 Strength Workouts (I really enjoy using weights and want to improve)
Do 52 Flexibility workouts (I want to increase my posture, flexibility and feel good after a yoga flow in the morning)
Read 52 books for pleasure
Fill my journal with love, memories and positivity

Financial Goals
Earn £25,000
Save £500 for Christmas
Add £300 extra to my private pension
Clear all credit card debts

Professional Goals
Apply for Mediavine ads
Grow Instagram following to 10,000
Upload 12 videos to YouTube
Grow mailing list to 500
Create a selection of free and paid for products
Write and Self Publish book
Research and apply for NLP course
Sign up to Rich Babe Academy Course
Do SEO course

Social Goals
Participate openly in the Shy & Mighty society
Attend 4 networking events
Try and schedule a co-working space day

I know this looks quite a bit and some of these might be quite specific. I’ve written them all down and broken them up into smaller chunks to make it more manageable because that’s the key to goal setting. Having a good chunk of professional goals really helps me to set up my work day. This then helps me feel more productive because there is always something to do and always a way to push forward in my business. A few things I’m keeping under wraps for now but I honestly can not wait to share it with you.

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