Ways I Try to be more Body Positive

So in a bid to be more body positive and give myself, my mind and my body the love it’s been craving for years I wanted to talk about a few of the things I am trying. Firstly, for me, being body positive is not about glorifying obesity but instead it’s tackling the mental barriers that come with years of diet culture, disorted eating, bingeing, starving myself and general self loathing. I know that all sounds pretty negative for body positivity doesn’t it? But the truth is I want this to be true to what I’m feeling right now and right now I’m not feeling the love every single day. But I am trying to make changes and I wanted to share those.

  1. I bought new clothes in two sizes bigger than I normally would and for the most part they have all fit me nicely. This has included jeans that I haven’t bought since 2013 and two bikinis. I have felt self concious wearing them but the more I wear them the more comfortable I realise I feel. My body moves with comfort and ease and when I sit down I don’t feel so restricted.
  2. I am trying to stop intrusive harming thoughts about myself. This has been one of the hardest things to do and I have not perfected it but I am getting there. I am trying to mentally shout stop when an intrusive thought enters my mind, process why I’m feeling that way and change the narrative.
  3. I am trying to get more full body photos of myself and be more in the picture with my kids.
  4. I am allowing all foods and I am learning about intuitive eating. I have noticed more when I feel fuller, I am trying to eat slower and with less distractions. This is tough as a family especially as we don’t have a proper dining space in our home.
  5. I am learning about the socio-economics of diet culture and all the other influences that have made gaining weight so easy and losing weight so hard. I haven’t shifted the blame but I am trying to avoid blaming myself and just accepting my body right now.
  6. I am following more interesting people on social media who are inspiring, interesting and really informative. This has included body positive accounts, nutritionists, photographers, fat activists and doctors against weight stigma. It’s really helped give me confidence and change the way I think about diet culture and thinness.
  7. I am reading books that talk about all of the above and finding people that have felt the same as me when they started is really reassuring. I feel like I’m belonging to something.

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