Fat Full Body Photos of Me

For the first time in many years I insisted on Adam taking some full body photos of me and I am going to continue to do so when we’re out and about. I am fat and I am going to stop hiding away, shrinking down and avoiding being in photos with my kids because my body doesn’t fit in with a made up unobtainable beauty standard. All bodies are beautiful and all bodies are worthy of respect and kindness.


We live in a very fatphobic society where fatshaming and bodyshaming is absolutely rife. You are only allowed to be fat if you feel bad about it, if you’re trying to diet, if you apologise for being fat. We I am here to say a big fuck you. I am worth more than my weight. My body has carried two babies for ten months each time. My body has been cut open to bring those babies into the world. My body has breastfed those babies. My body is covered in stretchmarks, post partum scaring and scaring from dermatillomania. It’s been through a lot. It’s been through abuse and trauma and a lot of negativity including a lot of horrible self hatred words from my own mouth.


But it’s also very capable of moving, walking, keeping me going, swimming, healing. My arms are strong enough to hold my babies. My legs are strong enough to get me where I need to go. I am more than what I weigh so stop putting your issues with fatphobia on me. I am no longer listening.

I am not going to weigh my body anymore.
I am going to focus on liking and then loving my body.
I am going to focus on my mental wellbeing.
I am going to focus on being in the moment with my family.
I am going to show my body.

Most importantly I am going to remember that I have fantastic support. I have beautiful fat friends and beautiful friends of all bodies. I have a wonderful, loving and if I may say so myself incredibly attrative boyfriend who loves me. I have two loving children who want a happy mother.


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