Finding Movement You Love

Our bodies like to move and one thing I have found since trying to be kinder to myself and increase my body confidence is finding a form of movement I love. It’s something that I feel makes me happy because I enjoy the way my body moves when I do it. I feel good when I do it and that mental rush is perfect as a form of self care. There is no right or wrong way to move. You do not have to follow the rules, you do not have to join a gym, you do not have to start running. If you do not want to do something, then don’t do it. We don’t have time to be focusing on things that don’t make us happy, or that we don’t enjoy. Our time is much better spent on happiness, fun and self care. Self care makes your mind and body feel nourished.

I do not really like going for walks in my local town because there’s nothing new. I don’t mind walking in new places so much although I do find it uncomfortable. I hope that as my self confidence grows with my body acceptance that this anxiety around walking fades a little bit. I think it’s because I get a little breathy since having Felix as my stamina isn’t what it used to be. However, I did carry a huge baby, he is only eight months old and I had a c-section so I really should just appreciate that my body has craved the time to heal and gentle, frequent walks and other movement will help to push that anxiety to one side and build my stamina back up.

Movement should not be about fat loss, weight or dieting. Movement should be about fun. When you change the internal narrative you start to look at movement in a different way and you’re so much more free to do what you love. I for one really like swimming and it’s something I want to do more often. I like the feel of the water on my body, I like the floating and I like that it will help bring my stamina back up. I like Aqua Fit and Aqua Zumba because they’re really good fun and I can feel myself getting stronger when I do them. Before I have done it to just focus on weight loss and because I then haven’t lost weight it’s made me feel what’s the point. If I go because it’s fun and I enjoy it and don’t weigh myself the day after then I’m going to look at it differently.

Some people might prefer the gym. I for one would really like to lift weights. I really like feeling my body getting stronger and it’s a lot more fun and challenging than 30 minutes on a cross trainer. Others might prefer to run, walk or dance in their living room. Walking in nature and just getting out and about might be the right form of movement. The important thing is that you love it and you want to do it more. The more you enjoy feeling your body move and work for you, the more you’ll appreciate it and love your journey into body positivity

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