Gratitude List – Q1 2019

So far in 2019 I am grateful for:

  • Seeing my son grow, develop and change right before my eyes
  • Being able to work from home
  • Seeing my partner pass his first year at Uni
  • Changing my daughters school and seeing her so much happier and less anxious
  • Reaching out to friends about my lack of body confidence
  • Being able to book two family holidays
  • Paying off more debt
  • Feeling financially better and more secure
  • Figuring out what I need to change to help with my body confidence and coming up with a plan to make those changes
  • Spending time with my extended family
  • Having a much easier and closer school run
  • Seeing my sister work hard at her dissertation
  • Spending more time with my dad than I did last year
  • Decluttering the house more
  • Finding more storage solutions to making our home feel nicer
  • Finding TeamTOMM to help me manage the housework better
  • Booking my ticket to BlogOn Toys in September and the fact that it’s closer to me this year
  • Being in love
  • Saying goodbye to SAD
  • Turning 30 and appreciating the need for more self love, self care and self acceptance in my life


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