12 Week Plan With Our Path

You may have read my post on my desire to strengthen my inner body positivity and body confidence. On April 1st I am starting with a new approach that comes recommended by the NHS and is being rolled out and trialed in a few places around the country. It’s an App and Web Programme that currently costs either £30 or £60 a month for three months. I am starting that programme; Our Path.

I’ve gone for the more expensive package which includes an activity tracker and smart scales to weigh in on. The app comes with a group chat facility and health coach. You can schedule a call in with your health coach and reach the group any time you’re feeling low or struggling. The plan comes with recipes, workouts and articles to help you change your habits when it comes to food.

I hope in 12 weeks time I can give a positive review on the service but the thing I like the most is that it’s not promising me unrealistic expectations. Instead it’s focusing on the recommended 1-2lbs of fat loss per week with healthy nutrition, movement and mindfulness techniques. I’m going to be trying out the recipes on the whole family so that we can all try some new food and flavours and it coincides nicely with our approach to Baby Led Weaning too.

Alongside this programme I am going to be working on an NLP workbook to help change this unhealthy relationship I have with food and hopefully help change my outlook. I desperately want to improve my relationship with food as I know it doesn’t come from a positive place but mostly I’m going to focus on doing things that feel good. Our leisure centre and new pool will be opening soon which will give us the chance to swim together as a family and the 12 weeks will take us up to our holiday where I’m hoping the extra fat burning will help me feel more confident when we are away.

I feel like this is a new type of fitness programme that is going to help me when it comes to changing the way I think and feel about food as well as get me on the right path to body confidence in the future. I am in this for the long run, I’m not putting a time limit on it or really focusing on a long term goal weight but I’d like to lose around 12lbs doing this programme and will keep you updated as to how that goes.

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