Manifesting Romance for Valentines Day

February, the month of love! Another chance to celebrate Valentines Day with a loved one or perhaps a group of friends, or, like me, you’re spending it with family. Either way Valentines can be a little bit of a strange holiday for some. Some don’t really see the point in it, some are left quite saddened by it and others are celebrating it to an inch of their lives! It’s a personal holiday that is what you make of it and I believe Valentines, for me, is all about sharing the love with my loved ones.

It will be a pretty normal day for us with my partner at work, then University and having both the kids here in the evening. It doesn’t leave much time for real romance however I’ll be sharing and surrounded by love which is what matters most.

For those that want to manifest romance for valentines day here are some of my top tips:

  1. Cleanse yourself from past romances. In the week leading up to Valentines give yourself a little bit of time to reflect on past romances. The ones you loved, the ones you’ve yet to forgive and cleanse yourself from these experiences. Give yourself a moment to thank each of these relationships for the lessons they taught you. Perhaps, like me, you’re a survivor and find it hard to forgive those that have wronged you, but I speak from experience when I say if you forgive and move on you feel free. It does not excuse toxic relationships and bad behaviour but if you feel relief being away from those situations give yourself a chance to reflect on how far you’ve come.
  2. Write down the type of future relationship you want to have and the sort of person you want to be, think and feel when in a loving and supportive partnership. Thing about the qualities you want to see in your future relationships and get them down on paper. I’m not talking about the perfect person or individual but instead how you feel about your romantic future and how you’d like it to grow. This doesn’t have to be romantically, it can be any relationship you feel you need to work on with friends or family members.
  3. Do things that make you feel full of love. Perhaps you enjoy working with a local charity or volunteering? Can you arrange a date night with friends? Watch a favourite film. Anything that makes your heart feel full of love. What we put out when manifesting we receive back so the more love you give out the more you’ll start to feel back.
  4. Take time for self care. I’m not talking about a bath and candles but real self care. Are you experiencing extreme feelings of loneliness? If so it’s important to reach out and seek support. It is okay for you to not be okay at Valentines but the most important thing is access to a loving support network. Cleansing from past relationships and taking some time away from social media can really help if you are finding this is bringing you down.


When it comes to manifesting romance you need to remember it’s all about what you give out that counts. Have a very happy valentines with your loved ones.

Blessed Be.

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