My 2018 Gratitude List

2018 was not the easiest of years, we had a lot to deal with, however, that does not mean it was a bad year at all! I wanted to share a few of the things I am grateful to have experienced through 2018 which have lead to a happy start to 2019. I enjoy writing these posts as it gives me a great opportunity to reflect on the year I’ve had and include a few highlights to share with you all too. We really do have so much to be grateful for, especially now we’re a family of four and as the featured picture says I’m really looking forward to developing my gratitude list for 2019 even further and taking the next step!

  1. Finding out Adam and I were expecting our first baby together
  2. Meeting a wonderful, supportive Doula who helped with my anxiety in pregnancy
  3. Rediscovering my love of Paganism
  4. Our holiday to Isle of Wight in the Summer
  5. Seeing my daughter celebrate her 8th birthday
  6. Decluttering and cleansing the home
  7. A great year for income from my blog
  8. Attending Christmas in July event
  9. The positive birth of my son Felix
  10. Spending more time with friends and family
  11. Turning 30
  12. Having a loving partnership with Adam
  13. Celebrating with Adam when he got into University and got a new job
  14. Surrounding myself with loving people
  15. Spending more time with my best friend
  16. Taking more time to discover what I like and love about myself
  17. Letting go of old hurt, mistakes and grudges
  18. New friendships
  19. Having a home over my head, clean water and access to a support network
  20. Becoming more aware of my environment and trying to live a little more sustainablePhoto 07-10-2018, 13 36 09

I’d love to know, what is on your gratitude list for this year? What are you excited about and what have you got to be truly thankful for in 2019?

Blessed be.

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