Positive Unplanned C-Section Birth Story

I haven’t posted on this site in a little while now and the reason is because I’ve been busy with a new baby! I now have a three month old son, Felix, who was born in early October. I have talked openly here and on my main blog about birth, pregnancy and relieving myself from anxiety. I was hoping for a hypnobirthing vbac with a high BMI however things didn’t exactly go to plan. However, despite what happened I am so pleased to say I came at it from a positive angle, I was respected and listened to the whole time, I coped pretty well despite being so tired and my lovely son came into the world.

Things kicked off with a membrane sweep at around 12noon on 3rd October and regular, every fifteen minutes or so contractions started coming from about 3pm. This continued in strength and intensity through the night when we were trying to watch the first episode of The Apprentice. I called my doula who arrived about 11pm as things were getting quite strong and she made my living room a peaceful place of lovely scents and electronic tealights. Around 1am I started using my TENS machine and that really helped get me through the majority of my labour. I was due to go in to hospital around 9.30am the next day to break my waters to hopefully help things progress along. I even managed to get a bit of sleep on and off for a few hours.

photo 04-10-2018, 22 26 03

We arrived on the labour ward about 9.30am and we were taking straight to a birthing room where I consented to another exam. I was about 3cm at this point so asked if I could continue labouring and see where I was in a few hours rather than have my waters break straight away. I also asked for an anti sickness injection and some gas and air. Things kept on going pretty well and I had another examination about 3pm where I had progressed to 4cm so I agreed to break my waters. After this, things started to get quite intense and I was still using my TENS and the Gas and Air which was so helpful. My hypnobirthing breathing techniques worked wonders too. However at around 5.30pm I started to struggle and felt a bit more pain through the contractions. There was also a bit of a struggle consistently getting Felix’s heart rate so we put a clip on his head and got me up on the bed. That was a real struggle to be honest. I explained to the midwives I was in pain and after another examination I hadn’t progressed passed 4cm so I asked for a c-section. I was very tired and the pain was concerning me.

photo 05-10-2018, 18 44 31

The c-section was where we understood a bit more and found out the surgery was going to be complex. I managed to have it all under a spinal block despite it being hard to curl the way they wanted me to but I did it eventually. It was then I found out there was a bit of extra damage to my uterus, extra scar tissue and a hole in my uterus. It was overworked and very weak which is why I was experiencing the pain so deciding to have the c-section when I did was the right thing to do at the time and I think because I made the decision rather than felt like I was forced into surgery I came away feeling really positive about it.

Felix was born at 8.46pm on 4th October and weighed in at 9lbs 9oz. We didn’t get his length until he was about 12 days old and at that point he was 59cm I believe so he was pretty long! He cried a bit after the birth but mostly he was pretty settled and scored high on his APGAR scores. He did however have a lot of mucus sitting on his tummy which took a long time to come up and affected breastfeeding quite a bit but other than that, 14 weeks on and we are all doing really well.

photo 28-12-2018, 15 11 29

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