WIN The Positive Planner

Today I’m sharing a competition of one of my favourite planners so far of 2019. We are only 3 days in and I already have a favourite planner. The Positive Planner is all about focusing on mental wellbeing, self care and ourselves. I think body positivity, self care, dealing with anxiety and so on are all important topics and things we are all starting to aspire to cope with. The Positive Planner is full of lovely mindfullness activities to help unscramble what was either a hard or terrific 2018 and hopefully by using The Positive Planner we can get off to a fantastic start in 2019.

Photo 01-01-2019, 10 40 50.jpg

I am taking part in a few challenges that align with my Word of 2019 which is MORE. I want to take more time for myself, more time for self care, pay off more debt, reduce more anxieties, make my house more of a home and spend more time with my family. What will you do more of in 2019 to make sure it’s a happy and stable one for you? So far in January I am attempting to read four books, go swimming four times and take part in TeamTOMM cleaning method.

January is a tough month for so many people so I hope this competition makes things a little brighter for you all. I’d love for you to follow me over on Instagram where I am sharing some Instastory templates for you to join in with and share your goals for 2019. I am wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a Blessed, Healthy, Wealthy and Happy one.

Photo 01-01-2019, 10 41 41.jpg

I am giving my followers based in the UK a chance to win one copy of The Positive Planner. To enter you must be based in the UK and over 18. Follow the Gleam instructions below to enter and a Winner will be contacted after the prize draw at the end of January.

One Copy of The Positive Planner

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