How Travel Inspires Me

Travel is one of those things that everyone should do whether its holidays with friends, family, solo adventures, backpacking, all inclusive resorts or cruises. Seeing parts of the world opens us up to more adventures, more sights, more cultures and just continutes to fuel that sense of adventure. Or at least it does for me anyway. There are so many beautiful parts of the world I want to see and explore.

I love to travel and it’s even more special getting to do it with my family. I’ve seen some really beautiful places in the UK as well as in other countries that have made me feel in complete awe. I wanted to share some of those places with you and how and why they inspire me.

Our favourite place to go to as a family is Shanklin on Isle of Wight. It’s a lovely seaside town with a beautiful sea front, gorgeous beaches, greenery and amazing places for afternoon tea. It’s a place I know we will regularly return to as the years go by.

Cornwall is another lovely place to visit. We’ve ventured down to Lizard Point which is the most southern part of the UK for a picnic and watched the waves.

lizard point.jpg

We’ve also visited the Castle in the Sea known as St Michaels Mount which is sometimes only accessible by boat. We’ve walked across the cobbled causeway to enjoy the island, explore the castle and eat ice creams.

st michaels mount.jpg

We have ventured to Blackpool to visit the zoo and seafront as well as spending time with family. It’s such a lovely part of the country which so much to see and do as a family.

blackpool tower.jpg

We had a stay in Edinburgh a few years back for Adam’s birthday and ventured to the castle, zoo and Real Marys Kings Close. It was all so interesting and a really beautiful city.


We even had a day of sunshine and I got to see some penguins.

penguins edinburgh zoo.jpg

London is an inspiring city and one I’m so glad I can access easily. There is so much to see and do with the family too. We’ve done the attractions such as the London Dungeons, a walking tour and afternoon tea at The Ritz.


Our mini cruise to Bruges was so much fun. Another gorgeous place full of beer and chocolate. We loved our canal boat guided tour and it’s such a lovely way to see so much amazing architecture.


Norway is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve been too especially cruising along the stunning fjords.

Alesund Norway.jpg

geirganger norway.jpg

fjords norway.jpg

Disneyland Paris is another family favourite and somewhere I can not wait to return too. It’s so beautiful, so much fun and so busy. We had an amazing holiday there together.


disneyland paris.jpg


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