Planners I Love

I love a good planner and often have a fair few by gathered up by the end of the year. I love writing lists and planners help keep me on track with my goals. You can get so many for different parts of your life, different functions, planning content, tracking goals, improving your lifestyle, tracking your health, a food diary…there is so much and I must admit I do get a bit of shiny object syndrome when I see a new one. It’s important to remember though a good planner or workbook will only work for as long as you use it effectively.

Here are a few of my favourite planners:

The Happiness Planner – tracking your happiness throughout the year, a chance to reflect on the month and making sure you prioritise self care and doing things that feel right for you. Lots of worksheets and a lovely goal planning introduction.

happiness planner.jpg

Daily Greatness Planner – there is one for parents, yoga, fitness, business, journal…I want the whole collection of these planners, I love the workbook section at the front and then being able to work through the planner for really specific goals and outcomes.

daily greateness.jpg

Stick to Stigu – A basic planner for you to block out times and track your day. Each week has a blank page and a suggested activity or mindfulness action. I love this one, you can get stickers too.


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Law of Attraction Planner – Another one with stickers and it’s so beautiful. I love the colour. Perfect for those wanting to manifest more of what they want in their lives.

law of attraction planner

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Blog Planner – great for those that are writing or organising content

blog content planner.jpg

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Social Media Planner – a must have for social media managers or marketers

social media planner.jpg

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My Shining Life Workbook – I love this, its different to a planner and is the chance to get you working on your shining life or living your very best life. The illustrations are so lovely in this one too and there is a business one available as well if you’re working on a business this year.

shining life.jpg

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