The Power of Numbers when Manifesting

When you are trying to manifest more of what you want in your life one thing that is really important is to consider the power of numbers. It might be worth looking more into a numerology report so you can learn and understand your power numbers. When manifesting you want to see the signs and sometimes numbers can be the signs that the universe is listening and is willing to give if you continue to work, align yourself and raise your vibration.

Number 0 – Whilst this number can not be your life path number or power number, what it can do is add greater significance when you see it on 10, 100 and so on. Usually, 0 can be associated with on the right path or greater significance.

Number 1 – Changes and New Beginings
So many of us make changes at the start of the month, the start of the year. There is power on the 1st that we should all take the time to channel. It’s a goal setting day. The number 1 may suggest you are holding back, have a block or you are feeling negatively. This is a great way to spot the sign, realise your block and start working on a more positive level. Remember, in the law of attraction, like attracts like so you should change those thoughts you might be having if you are drawn to or keep seeing Number 1.

Number 2 – Harmony and Balance
I often see 2 as two sides to something, the good and the bad, negative positive, yin and yang. It’s all about balance and if you are currently struggling but keep seeing the number two it’s a way to remind you that there will be balance if you have faith and power through. It could also represent a partnership that you might need to work on and nurture more.

Number 3 – Chase Your Dreams
Seeing the number 3 could signify you needing to spend more time on what you want to be doing and to go for it because it’s your time to shine.

Number 4 – Take A Leap of Faith
This can represent stability and routine. Multiples of 4 could mean taking a leap of faith into a new opportunity, a new relationship and knowing that a change might be needed to continue on the right path for you. If you are actively manifesting but fear is holding you back you might need to try something that takes a step outside your comfort zone.


Number 5 – The Journey
If you are seeing lots of 5’s you may want to increase your gratitude and appreciation for the world you live in. Write a gratitude list and say it out loud with love every day to help you along your journey. This could signify a change in direction, a new adventure and the step to reaching that is showing gratitude and love for the world we live in, the people we have and the things we have in our lives.

Number 6 – Get Rid of Negative
This can often reflect a need for self love. It can be associated with those that suffer anxiety and to show them that if they want to make a change they need to actively come out of where they are. This could be through a series of things like affirmations, visualisations, finding inner peace through meditation and giving yourself plenty of time for self care. You might also consider clearing your home of any negative energy.

Number 7 – Prepare for a spiritual awakening
This is really significant in in manifesting and is often associated with unexpected opportunities. This is all about trusting your instincts and gut feelings.

Number 8 – Sign of Success
This could show you that you are on the right path, that success is on the way and that you are doing the right thing. It’s considered a lucky number and often associated with prosperity, success and abundance. Seeing this number frequently may suggest you keep increasing your self confidence and doing what you’re doing as it’s right for you.

Number 9 – Share your wisdom
This is the universe asking you to share what you know with colleagues, friends and others to help them on their own journey. It is linked to compassion and empathy, the need and want to help others so that they can also have a life of positive thinking, manifestation and abundant living.


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