What Does My Starsign Say About Me?

I recently spoke about how I feel about horrorscopes and so I thought it would be interesting to go more in depth about my own star sign and what that says about the type of person I am and whether or not I feel it’s true about me. I am currently collecting the Mind Body Spirit magazine which goes through how to create a birth chart in depth and its something I would love to do. Right now though, I will just stick to the basics.

I am a Capricorn born 30th December 1988, an Earth sign and a ‘negative’ sign.

Earth signs are all negative which means they are sensitive and understand emotional subtleties. They are receptive, nurturing and cautious and tend to keep their feelings under tight control. They are introverted signs.

I am sensitive and empathetic to others feelings, I’ve been told I am a good listener and very understanding. I’m not sure if I would say I am nurturing though, I can be quite cold but equally I enjoy making people feel looked after. I am quite cautious although I can be quite impulsive too but I like to asses risks. I’ve said before I can be a bit of a pessimist, or realist. I like to know all my options. I am very introverted though. I prefer staying in with my very nearest and dearest.

Positive traits of a Capricorn can include being practical, patient, ambitious, disciplined and careful.

I am practical, ambitious and careful. I want to be successful in the work I do and I enjoy being a leader or in control. I am not a good employee for these reasons. My patience can be quite lacking, I do not have time for people that are not on time for example.

Negative traits of a Capricorn can include pessimistic, fatalistic, miserly, grudging, over conventional and rigid. I wouldn’t really say I am over conventional as such, but rigid, yeah. I’m really stubborn, I get set in my own ways and path, I will deliberately do things my way even if it annoys other people…

Apparently those who are Capricorns are serious, stable people unafraid of a bit of hard work. This is true, I am pretty serious which is probably what is leading me to write my high risk pregnancy book. I like knowing facts and I like to tell people about these facts, even if they don’t take things very seriously themselves. I hate being told to “chill out” or “calm down” when I get over excited or passionate about something, even if it comes across as a bit aggressive. I do enjoy working hard but only on things that interest me. As I said above, I am not a good employee.


One thing that sometimes comes up is that Capricorns can be seen as unemotional however I am the complete opposite. I am pretty emotional, although that transpires as anger I think more than anything else. My reaction to most emotions is to cry. Scared, Happy, Sad, Shocked…I cry. I’ve been told countless times “oh tears won’t work on me!” as a child making it seem like it’s some kind of manipulation technique I do but I just cry…

One thing I do think is very me is how a Capricorn enjoys a debate in which they can show their cleverness. Whilst I may not be the most highly academic achiever, I do know what I know. I like calling people out when I have statistics and facts to prove them wrong. Perhaps it’s one of my most arrogant traits and even when I don’t have much to say about a subject, I am quietly confident I know what I am talking about.

The plants of a Capricon include Amaranthus, Evergreens, Pine, Poplar and Yew. Long lasting plants that are reliable, practical and, well, everlasting. My daughters middle name is Amaranth which means “everlasting, never fading flower.” Herbs, apparently, associated with Capricorn such as Belladona, Hemlock, Henbane are all toxic. Apparently this reflects associations with Saturn and Death. I believe in the Tarot deck the Capricorn card is Death.

So there you have it. I feel I’m a pretty typical Capricorn although I’d like to go through my birth chart so I can find out more about other traits.


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