Do I Believe in Horrorscopes?

I’ve always been really interested in Horrorscopes, Astrology and other mystical and spiritual ways of thinking. Reading all about Wicca and Paganism during my teenage years made a lot of sense to me and has probably founded a lot of my more spiritual beliefs. Whilst I would mostly identify as Agnostic, I’ve always been drawn to these kind of belief systems, particularly things like Karma, the law of attraction and the ability to manifest. I do believe that there is more but I wouldn’t like to say what it is…does that make sense?

I remember when I was very young my mum telling me about horrorscopes and for the most part I’ve only read into them as a bit of fun but as I’ve aged through the years I started learning more about the compatibility between particular signs and how certain signs get on better as friends or in relationships than others. I think for me when it comes to astrological signs and attributes I like to see if there are any patterns. I’d love to go through doing a proper birth chart of myself and my family just to see if it holds true to the type of person I am now.

When it comes to actual horrorscopes, like the ones you find in the paper or magazines that predict your month of success or love then it’s not something I really put much faith in. I kind of think when you read something like that and then it happens it is a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy and that doesn’t really sit well with me especially if you’re predicted to have a hard month. I would prefer to focus on my own goals and manifestations that what a non-personalised book or small paragraph has told me. I am much more interested in how a starsign might contribute to a personality and that is something I really enjoy reading about.

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