Experiencing and Coping With Negativity

We all have days where we do not feel our best. We all have people that we can’t completely exclude from our lives that make us feel a bit awkward. We all have times when actually things just get the better of us and negativity washes over us. It can feel overwhelming and a bit like drowning.

One thing I find really helpful when it comes to dealing with negativity is not comparing our journey to others. Life is full of a lot of judgements, some of which I have faced throughout this pregnancy, some I have faced from others with lifestyle choices and some I have faced from myself and my feelings of low self worth. When we then add comparing our lives to others into the mix it can be really hard to shake of the negative cloud.

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I have never really seen myself as a true optimist. I would prefer to say I am more of a realist which might be hard to see through this blog and some of it’s context being quite spiritual and positive in nature. Whilst I do, mostly, think and act as positive as I can and at times I act on impulse on the whole most of my decisions are made by informed decisions. I am stubborn and emotional which makes it very hard to take criticism. I have suffered with low self confidence and dealing with anxiety for so many years has made me feel and see my fair share of negativity. I can get very jealous too.

In these times of darkness and negativity it’s much easier to wallow in self pity than get up, dress up and just deal with it head on. It’s hard to ignore. It can be hard to cope with. I try to surround myself with positive, uplifting people who are kind and good natured, who are positive. I avoid spending time with people that frustrate me or I find confrontational because I know I will empathetically pick up on those feelings and that will lead to feelings of negativity. I pick up on stresses very quickly and they often manifest into my own way of the world that can lead to writers block. That’s not something you need if your income relies on your writing.

Some things that help me clear out the negativity include:

  1. Clearing my home of negative energy with sage
  2. Meditation
  3. Declutter my work space
  4. Write everything down in a journal
  5. Take time away from people
  6. Talk to an understanding friend
  7. Reading positive and uplifting stories

How do you banish negativity?

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