What I Want to Manifest in 2019

Talking about goals and what we want to manifest openly sends a strong message into the universe about the kind of life we want to live. Some of the things I want to manifest are physical and some are more emotional. I think having a strong mix of goals that are specific can really help. I wanted to share with you some of the things I want to manifest in 2019 so that I can go through my journey with you and keep track of my process. It can be a little scary putting these things out there.

I want to manifest earnings of £12,000 from my blog, upcoming ebook sales and freelance writing work

I want to manifest paying of credit card debt of £1,000 so that I can wisely use the money towards savings

I want to manifest my 1,000 true fans to my blog so that I can engage, interact and share stories with them

I want to manifest mindful eating and a healthy attitude towards food

I want to manifest a stronger, healthier and more physically capable body

I want to manifest more friendships and people to connect with


As you can see these are pretty personal to me but to give you an idea of the types of things you can begin to focus on manifesting into your life. The action I am going to take towards manifesting these are:

  1. Providing blog content that my readers enjoy
  2. Eating a rainbow and foods that make me feel energetic and wholesome
  3. Gratitude Walking
  4. Taking time for self care
  5. Visualising my goals
  6. Setting clear work hours
  7. Self publishing two books in November and January
  8. Setting regular, monthly financial goals
  9. Spending my money more wisely
  10. Focus on what I can give to my readers, friends and family

What are you hoping to manifest in 2019?

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