7 Steps to Manifest Exactly What You Want

If you are new to manifesting there are a few things you might want to consider doing. Getting started with manifesting is a really awakening experience and there are a few things you might want to try before you really get into it and avoid any of those mental blocks that might be holding you back and preventing you from reaching your true potential and actually getting really clear on exactly what you want. One thing I found that truly helped me start manifesting was letting go of negative people and experiences in my life as well as learning to forgive those that I felt had wronged me as well as forgiving myself.


Step One – Focus

You need to be able to get really clear on exactly what you want. You might find this easier to do through meditation or visualisation. You might want to write it down. The idea is to be able to make it as tangible as possible so you can bring those thoughts and feelings into your conscious mind.

If for example, you want to manifest more money into your life, then get clear on that. Exactly how much do you want to the penny? Focus in on how it would make you feel to see that sum in your bank account, fantasise about how you would spend it, how spending it will make you feel, how having that sum of money will benefit you, how will you help others with it? What would it look like to hold that sum of money in your hand? Bring that feeling, that goal, into your senses as much as you can. You could try creating a small or long list of things you want and then making them into really specific requests.

Step Two – Ask

When it comes to asking the universe we aren’t just saying “can I have more money please?” That isn’t specific enough. If the next day you found 1p on the floor the Universe has essentially answered your call and provided more. So you need to focus clearly on what you want and you need to ask in a specific way. You want to spend time amplifying what you are trying to manifest by affirmations and visualisation. Thank the universe every day for providing you with what you want, believe that you already have it and smile. Focus in on those positive emotions and act truly grateful for being able to access what you want.

Step Three – Work For It

The things we are trying to manifest have become our goals and so now it’s time to really begin working towards them. What is it you can do that will help get you closer to your goals. Some people find it very helpful to make more space for what they are trying to manifest and clearing their home of negative energies is a great way to do this. You could try balancing your chakras too so that you can become clearly aligned with your goals. Once you are entirely focused on them you may start to take imperfect action which will then allow you to manifest what you want into your life. Write your goals down, have them clearly on display somewhere you see all the time to help you focus, regularly visualise having those things in your life.

I find it helpful to declutter my home and physically clear space in my flat if there is something I want specifically. If the feeling I am after is more emotional then I find taking time for self care to be really important.

Look at your goals and think about how you can do three things every day that will bring you closer to them and practise gratitude to help raise your vibration into seeking these things out. Surround yourself with things that keep you feeling motivated and inspired.


Step Four – Trust

Along the way we may find stumbling blocks, challenges or a feeling of being stuck and overwhelmed. For manifesting to work you need to trust in the process. If you are feeling stuck or worthless then the process will get interrupted as with the Law of Attraction like attracts like. Improve your inner dialogue, trust in the process and work through any mental or physical blocks you might have. The universe wants to test you to make sure you are working on your goals and to make sure you are really clear on what you want.

Step Five – See the signs

When you are trying to manifest the universe will send it to you in small manageable chunks and you need to see that as a way of the universe helping you. I recently had a text come through to say that my internet contract was coming to an end and to give them a call. I did and that has now saved me £12 a year. Whilst that amount of money is not huge it is a saving which ultimately is going to help me get to my £12,000 goal. It could be a letter from a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while to reach out. It could be finding an old picture of yourself where you truly felt happy and well and to remind you that you can get back to that state of happiness.

Take the time to see the signs and truly feel thanks and gratitude to every one of these small signs. When we are grateful, we feel positive and we regain focus. Feeling these things really helps to manifest what we want.


Step Six – Raise Your Vibration

When it comes to raising your vibration this is a way of showing the universe that you believe that you deserve to reach these goals. Raising your vibration is all about doing things that make you feel really grateful, really positive and really happy. This could be gratitude walking, meditation, a relaxing bath, spending time with loved ones, focusing on a creative outlet. All of these are great ways to help us take imperfect action which lead us to focusing in to our goals and manifesting what we want.

Step Seven – Remove Mental Blocks

Manifesting things can take time and the more positive things, recognising the signs, gratitude and vibration raising that you do the better. However, if you feel things are taking too long then you should think about any mental blocks you might have that are stopping you from manifesting. Are your goals specific enough? Have you written them down? Are you working towards them daily? Do you believe you deserve them? The more you visualise and associate with already having what you’re trying to manifest the quicker you will receive them.

A great book and guide that I found really helped me was Unleash Your Inner Money Babe which is actually available for free on Kindle Unlimited. I really recommend reading it to go through 21 days of manifesting $1000

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