Why I Rely on a Creative Outlet

Do you sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed? It’s something I really, really struggle with and have these frequent, almost attacks of being completely overwhelmed and feeling really out of my depth. It doesn’t help having anxiety alongside currently being pregnant and sometimes the world just crashes on my shoulders and I have this feeling of not being able to cope.

When I was younger I really struggled dealing with the emotional overwhelm that I lashed out quite a lot. I did some silly things to try and numb the sheer amount of overwhelm I was feeling which often lead to anxiety attacks and shutting myself away for a long time. I just couldn’t focus on anything and I just needed things to stop for a little bit so I could catch up.

I’ve always been told I’m a sensitive soul and full to the brim with emotions. I don’t know if I’m just hypersensitive, maybe I am, because I feel things really strongly and really intensely. It can be really tough to deal with especially as a woman with hormones that play havoc, having kids and just general stress levels.

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There are a few things I’ve done over the years to help reduce the amount of overwhelm and I think now I’ve formed some much healthier habits in controlling how I feel and how I process emotions.

  1. Writing has always helped. I keep journals and I’ve been blogging for well over nine years now on various sites to share those deep rooted emotions and help get them out of my mind.
  2. Talking. I have never shied away from opening up about my true feelings to those I really trust and sometimes that’s lead to some heartbreak but honestly, most of the time it’s just help me to release all that energy in my mind.
  3. Music doodles. One thing I’ve always done is plug in my headphones, sing along to some of my favourite songs and write snippets of the lyrics. I’ve been teased about it because people thing it’s weird – probably more so when I only listened to angsty emo songs but it’s helped me to process my emotions. I still do it now.
  4. Drawing. I’m not very artistic at all but I love to paint and draw when I can. I’m better at copying things than drawing from my imagination but it’s another way I can creatively get out my emotions.
  5. Blogging – the same as writing so I guess it isn’t really point five but just to get the message across that writing, blogging is my creative outlet. Whether I’m writing about topics I’m passionate about or sponsored posts having that creative outlet helps to stop the overwhelm from bringing me down.

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