Finding Happiness Everyday

When you suffer with anxiety and want to approach life with a bit more positivity finding happiness in everyday things can be really tough. It takes a lot of practise, I think, to actually stomp those anxious feelings and focus on the good, the lovely, the happy. However, as like attracts like, when we focus on the happy, more happy things happen.

Trying to focus on the happy things, especially if you’re suffering with mental health, depression or just feeling blue is not easy but it is a great way to gently bring those hormones back into balance with each other, get your mind working a little bit more for you and eventually when that grey cloud is looming the skills are there to help pull you back out.

Finding Happiness

Finding the happy in everyday can also just make you feel really good when you’re not having a hard time. It can increase productivity, excitement and your general appreciation for things. A good way to do this is to start writing down one thing that you are truly grateful for. It could be something that happened recently, that day even or it could be something you own or have. It could be a friends kind words. Anything that you are truly grateful for will make you feel happy.

Finding happiness everyday is a really important part of self care. You can improve your happiness by doing something just for you each day or week. Whenever you can fit the time in really. This could be a bath with your favourite bubbles, reading five pages of a book, getting your nails done or learning a new skill or hobby. I personally love writing and so finding time to write every day in journals, on my blog or just writing feelings down in letters really helps me focus and every time I write I feel this weight just lift right off my chest.


Happiness can be your favourite smells, foods, textures, people. Surrounding yourself with things that you love, positive people and doing things that make you feel good will all help to increase that happiness. We all say we don’t have the time but honestly, I truly believe that if you really want to do something or have something you will find the time and space to make it happen.

Make a Happy List

Things that make me happy, although I don’t do everyone every day are:

  • Writing my blog, bullet journal and letters
  • Listening to my favourite songs
  • A hot bath and a cup of tea
  • Writing my daily gratitude
  • Catching up with friends on social media
  • A phone call with my mum
  • Listening to my daughters jokes
  • Chocolate
  • Aqua fit
  • Seeing my best friend
  • Swimming
  • Planning my birth with my doula
  • Saying affirmations
  • Feeling my baby move
  • Relaxation and meditation
  • Reading and listening to audiobooks
  • Playing video games
  • Reading my Mind Body Spirit magazines
  • Taking photographs and looking through albums

Finding Happiness Everyday, The Art of Being Happy, #happy #happiness #lifestyle #positive #bright #colourful #inspiremanifestgratitude

What things make you happy? What are you going to find more time for?

I find having a happiness planner or journal is a great way of tracking what makes you happy. I love this one, focusing on making you happy and letting go of perfect. We do not need perfect to be happy, after all!

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