Everyday Sources of Inspiration

I don’t know about you but sometimes I find it really hard to be inspired to write content or to stay motivated with blogging. I absolutely love it and the freedom it has given me to be able to go self employed, work from home and around my family but coming up with new content can be really rather tough.

I wanted this blog to be a source of peace, happiness and gratitude for the lifestyle I now have and whilst I am certainly not living debt free or in complete glamour, my life is better because I blog. This pressure can sometimes really affect me, my mental health and my actual ability to write. When these moments strike I turn to a few everyday sources of inspiration. The things that keep me passionate, that I love and that keep me going.


I love to share our family updates. They act as memories and allow me to reflect on the type of month we’ve had. It gives me a chance to look through our family photos and select great ones for our albums which them remind me to write about something we did together.



I often find myself daydreaming about all the beautiful places in the world I would absolutely love to visit and browsing travel agents for deals. We also do make sure we fit in a holiday every year and I get so excited about all the places, tips and tricks I can share with my readers afterwards. Travel is such a source of inspiration and I often find I’m able to come up with ideas if I’m travelling long distance


Skill Sharing

I know sometimes people want to do the sort of things I do and I hope my experience working from home and how I earn money helps them. I know working from home is a flexible option for mothers but it can be really tough when you’re not sure where to start. I am always open to discussing this with other women in the hopes of helping them get more of what they want.


Natural Healing

I am completely inspired by the natural world and alternatives to medicine. This inspires me to continue learning and therefore continue writing about my own experience with natural remedies, practising gratitude and manifesting a better life. I am a firm believer in a positive mental attitude and the law of attraction and I know there are lots of people that feel like this too. I always wanted a blog that would help bring those people together through a shared interest.



Seeing my friends on amazing adventures or just living their lives inspires me to do similar things with my family. My friends inspire me with their lifestyles and kind words of wisdom. I am particularly inspired by my partner who has recently completed a college Access course to help him go to University. This has really made me think about writing more in line with my own passions and talking about issues dear to my heart – something he has been able to do thanks to his field of study.

How do you find inspiration in the everyday? 

Finding Sources of Inspiration Everyday, #stars #night #nightsky #inspire #inspiration #inspiregratitudemanifest


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