Creating A Peaceful Bedroom

Getting into bed at the end of the day can either be really relaxing or actually contribute to my feelings of anxiety depending on how the room is. I personally find having a clutter free, tidy bedroom with low lighting, cool air and a made bed the best feeling. It automatically makes me think I’m in a safe, comfortable and secure place.

We have quite an awkward space when it comes to our bedroom with not a lot of room to move furniture around and make use of the space better. We also have a king size bed which is very comfortable but can also be quite restrictive however a smaller bed just isn’t an option so we need to make the room as peaceful as possible without changing much. Keeping things clear and tidy certainly helps as well as making the bed in the morning – something I wish my partner would remember to do more often!

alexandra-gorn-320556-unsplash (1).jpg


We have a black out type blind and a lamp which I prefer to use in the evenings when getting ready for bed. The main light is far too harsh and I only ever really turn it on when trying to find something. Having energy saving lightbulbs and a dimmer switch can also help with the lighting.

I personally would love to have a Himalyan Salt Lamp in the bedroom – I’ve heard they can do wonders for your health too and they look so pretty and peaceful.

Our blinds do keep out the light pretty well during the early mornings which is great for those that like to sleep in and our window is a good enough size to let in lots of natural light throughout the day.



Bright colours can be a bit much when it comes to the bedroom and softer, warming colours are much more relaxing. I love our purple and cream walls. The purple reminds me of Lavender which is a soothing and calming scent and I feel because the colour is in two blocks rather than one it isn’t too much to handle when you first wake up.

Keeping a bedroom relatively clutter free when it comes to decor is key in a small space like ours, however, having a few comforts like throws and cushions can make the place feel more relaxing.


Bedroom Use

I think to keep a bedroom feeling like a peaceful, relaxing and comfortable space you really should minimise the time you spend in it doing other things other than sleeping…and well, perhaps “connecting” with a significant other…

If you enjoy reading before bed try doing that in the living room instead and prevent screen use when you’re ready to sleep. We do have a television in our room but we never really use it, it’s just a nice option if one of us is watching something in the living room.

Screens can also prevent you from falling asleep easily so it’s worth leaving them to one side or at least turning the contrast right down to a yellow tone. I have a bedtime setting on my phone and I believe that turns the brightness right down at 10pm each evening which really helps.

How do you keep your bedroom a relaxing and comforting space?

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