Ways to Be More Mindful

I recently shared some books I think might help you become more mindful however I touched on how busy we are and how we find it hard to find the time for self care sometimes. Being mindful, taking time for self care can be wonderful for mental well-being as well as relieving us from stress. These are just a few of the ways you can bring more mindfulness into your life. You don’t have to try all of these but maybe try a couple that you think you could easily fit into your day. You might even start finding out you have more time for self care and can focus on creating that inner peace and calm that mindfulness brings.

  1. Meditate – find somewhere comfortable to sit, stand, lay and concentrate on breathing. Let your thoughts come in and out rather than focusing on them. Just focus on your breath and calming down your mind and body. A great way to set you up for the day or process the day before bed.
  2. Writing – A blog, a journal, a book, a diary. It doesn’t ever have to be essays, just a few thoughts, words or whatever comes naturally to you.
  3. Colouring
  4. Listening to your favourite songs – create a playlist and just enjoy listening, dancing or singing along
  5. Reading – just five pages of a book you’re enjoying. Even better if it’s something that makes you feel good.
  6. Practise gratitude – spend a few moments thinking about what you are grateful for and sending gratitude to friends and family
  7. Let go of negative relationships – these are never going to serve you, help you and will consistently be a cause of stress to you. Let go of these as much as you can.
  8. Try not to linger on your emotions – process them naturally, feel them and then let them pass through you. Emotions should be fleeting feelings, they only linger if we let them.
  9. Practise smiling
  10. Give yourself lots of positive self talk
  11. Find your peaceful person – someone that always listens, knows what to say and can bring you a sense of calm. You will naturally find yourself drawn to this person.
  12. Exercise – a walk, a swim, a run, the gym, a dance – whatever you enjoy doing, do it with the kids, friends, a partner. Exercise is always good for you, just do what you feel physically capable of doing
  13. Try creating a bullet journal – perfect for really creative types who like to doodle and draw and plan. Also perfect for those that can’t, like me, but want more space than a regular journal allows for writing thoughts and feelings
  14. Focus on what makes you happy
  15. Take that long hot shower or bath every once in a while
  16. Get a good night sleep with a good mattress and pillow
  17. Set up a positive morning routine
  18. Create a relaxation kit with essential oils, crystals, journals and music. Take time to use it when you want to relax your mind, spirit and body
  19. Do one small thing that makes you happy every day
  20. Tell yourself you like yourself, give yourself compliments. It can do so many wonderful things for your self-confidence
  21. Be passionate and love what you do. If you’re unhappy, speak to someone. Always seek help.
  22. Educate yourself. Do a course, a degree or learn a new skill. Keep learning, because it really will help you find something that you love, will give you knowledge and will help you in the future
  23. Declutter your home or work space. Clear space helps with a clear mind
  24. Treat yourself. You are allowed that cream cake, new top, manicure, haircut – none of it is ever bad for you. If it makes you feel good in the moment then accept it and be happy with your choices
  25. Live without regret. No matter what life choices you may have made, you probably really wanted to do what you might regret right now
  26. Spend time with friends
  27. Spend time with family
  28. Have a regular date night with a partner. Don’t make it full of pressure, but just spend time together, having fun, talking and enjoying each others company without the pressures of work, parenthood and all those other fun adulting things we do
  29. Take time away from the home. A weekend break, a holiday, day trip – get out of your space from time to time
  30. Step away from the comfort zone – this can be uncomfortable but taking a risk, finding something amazing, doing something differently can have amazing long lasting results

30 Ways to be more Mindful Everday - Purple Clouds and Sky - Pin Image

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