My Favourite Books for Mindfulness

Being mindful is all about being in the moment. It’s about accepting an emotion, letting it in, feeling it, processing it and letting it pass naturally. We can practise mindfulness daily which in turn lets us work on our mental well-being, gain clarity and a sense of calm and peace. Mindfulness is a huge part of self care and the busier we are the quicker it gets neglected.

Five Books for Mindfulness - Woman on Rock By River and Mountain - Pin Image

The best thing is that being mindful and creating this sensation and space of inner peace doesn’t have to take up a huge part of the day. Having a few moments to meditate, or if you don’t like to do that, just sitting in a quiet space for five minutes and focusing on breathing, letting thoughts come in and out of your mind. You could start by doing this before bed each night to help you process the day and drift off to a rest full sleep.

There are lots of things you can do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis that will increase mindfulness, inner peace and calm. I think educating ourselves on how and why is really easy but actually finding the time during the day to do them can be really tough. Almost off putting sometimes if we’re too tired or too busy. As a mum and being pregnant I am mostly guided by my hormones or the needs of my daughter so finding time just for me can be a struggle however, I know that practising mindfulness regularly can really help me to deal with my emotions, anxiety and keep myself in check.

If you want to learn more about mindfulness, here are some books I recommend:

Calm Book by Fearne Cotton

Calm – Affiliate Link –

The Mindfulness Journal Book

Mindfulness Journal – Affiliate Link –

really relaxing colour

Really Relaxing Colouring Book – Affiliate Link –

mindfulness book

Little Book of Mindfulness – Affiliate Link –

Mindfulness - A Practical Guide Book

Mindfulness – A Practical Guide – Affiliate Link –

Happy Book by Fearne Cotton

Happy – Affiliate Link –

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