The Power Of Positive People

Have you ever heard that you are the five people you spend the most time with? I remember thinking well what does that actually mean. Of course you are you, as an individual but your outlook on life is often shaped by the people you spend the most time with. If you are seeking a more positive outlook on life then it is worth thinking about your friendships and relationships with others.

To be more positive you could start with building a happy, healthy and positive morning routine. I find this really sets you up for the day. You should also think about things that help bring you a sense of achievement. Goal setting for the week, month or year can really help this as if you push yourself to reach these goals you’ll feel wonderful about it.

Here is a book I recommend about increasing positive action in your life.

Little Book of Positivity

The Little Book of Positivity – Available to buy on Amazon (Affiliate Link)

Here are five qualities that you will find in positive people that will help you shape your own positive attitude.

  1. Supportive. Support doesn’t have to mean being constantly there to hold you up – it’s knowing that if you need a friend, a conversation or if you have something to share that person will always give you a feeling of support. They will always make you feel that your ideals, talents, thoughts are worth pursuing.
  2. Drama Free. Everyone has things going on in life but a positive person, whilst they make seek advice, won’t drama dump their life on you and expect you to clean it up. Positive people will always seek to solve their problems, and conversations with friends do help that, but the difference is the tone of the conversation.
  3. No Moaning. Positive people won’t constantly moan about everything that’s going wrong in their life. Sure, they may have areas that they might not be happy about but most of the time they will be sharing their excitement and positive attitude with you. They will find a way to move past the hardship.
  4. Gratitude. A positive person will find gratitude every day and reasons to be truly thankful for their lives. It’s easy to start practising gratitude each day and it really does bring more appreciation into your life.
  5. Generosity. This doesn’t have to mean financial, but a positive person will be generous with their time, love and friendship.

Surrounding yourself with positive people will really help you to feel more positive about your own life. They will make you feel like your ideas are worth championing. In tern, increasing your own positive attitude will naturally draw these people to you.

How are you going to be a more positive person today? 

Sunset at the Beach With Friends, The Power of Positive People

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