What To Expect in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

I’m now 15 weeks pregnant and well into the second trimester of pregnancy however I know those early days of googling ‘Early Pregnancy Symptoms’ and how to manage them. The first trimester can be a time full of excitement and anxiety, particularly, if like me, you’re a “high risk” pregnancy.

I really dislike the term High Risk because it connotes so many negative meanings. It can make you feel extra anxious about your pregnancy when all it really means is you deserve a little extra looking after.

My pregnancy is High Risk due to a BMI of 45 at booking and a previous C-Section 7 years ago with my first daughter. As this is my second pregnancy and I haven’t ruled out elective caesarean section for this birth I will meet with both the consultant obstetrician and the anaesthetist at my chosen hospital.

If you are worried about early pregnancy symptoms then give your GP a call, speak to the midwife or birth centre close to you or you can arrange a private scan. An early scan may be offered to you in some cases.

  1. Some light spotting or bleeding around the time your period was expected or when the egg implants. If this worries you or you’ve already done a pregnancy test, go and see your doctor.
  2. Cramping – some women experience light period type cramping and pelvic pain
  3. Morning Sickness – this is due to all those extra hormones. I have not had morning sickness, although I did experience nausea in those early weeks
  4. Nasal congestion and nose bleeds – lots of extra blood, bigger blood vessels can cause this
  5. Indigestion
  6. Strong sense of smell
  7. Food and smell cravings as well as going off foods you usually love
  8. Fatigue
  9. Constipation
  10. Out of breath quicker

It’s important to note that whilst these are all symptoms of early pregnancy it’s not guaranteed you will experience any or all of them. I mostly suffered with feeling bloated and being really tired. I’m pleased to say that now I’m in the second trimester I have a lot more energy. You can ease indigestion and sickness with ginger and peppermint. You might not feel up to exercising much but a walk can really help make you feel a bit better.

You might want to know about some alternative therapies you can do, use and have access to during pregnancy, childbirth and labour.

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