Alternative Therapies for a Relaxing Childbirth

Having a baby can be an absolutely wonderful experience. However, it can also raise levels of anxiety and stress. There are plenty of ways you can relax throughout pregnancy and make it a really positive experience for yourself and your family.

  1. Reiki – This can be very relaxing and help with energy levels. It’s important to find a therapist that is able to perform Reiki with pregnant women
  2. Hypnobirthing – A great way to relax your mind and body throughout pregnancy as well as help manage pain effectively during labour and birth. Many studies have shown that hypnobirthing can have a really positive effect on women in labour.
  3. Positive Affirmations – Saying these out loud with feeling and meaning a few times a day helps to reinforce that pregnancy, labour and birth are an exciting and positive thing. It’s very normal to feel a little fear and anxiety about giving birth but your body is completely capable and anything you can do to help reinforce that in your subconcious and concious mind is ideal
  4. Meditating – this can help because it’s so hard to find time for ourselves throughout pregnancy but just having a little bit of time to focus on ourselves, breathing and picturing that ideal birth, whatever choices you have made, will help you have a positive birth
  5. Aqua Natal – gentle exercise can help relieve some stress and strain on the joints. Aqua natal is a great way to meet other expectant mums in the local area
  6. Childbirth Aromatherapy – if you have hired a doula, this may be a service they offer, or you may have a practitioner in your hospital. Why not find out, this can be very therapeutic to you during labour.

I hope these have given you some good ideas on how you can make pregnancy, labour and birth a positive and exciting experience. The most important thing is having a good plan in mind and on paper for what you want, whatever your choices. I wish you a positive pregnancy and a happy, healthy birth for your mind and body.

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