Being The Most Successful Version of Me

What will it take to be the very best version of myself? Who is that person, what does she do? How does she feel? How does she define success?


We all define success quite differently I think, especially when we come from so many diverse backgrounds, we all have different dreams, jobs, families and so many different streams that make us who we are. It’s all about taking the very best part of ourselves and envisioning them all together, at their very best. I’m not saying the most successful version of me is without flaws but she is the one I want to be when I’m working out and need to push a little harder, when I’m writing and need to be a little bit more personal, when I’m meeting new people and need to be a little more confident. I know being the most successful version of me is going to help me create an epic year throughout 2018.

The most successful version of me is focused. She is hardworking, dedicated and organised. She has time for work, family and sticks to the plan. When I’m focused, I’m the best version of myself which is exactly why focus is my year for 2018. So far, I’m not doing so well, but I’ll get there. We have recently gone through some changes at home which has lead to my focus being less than perfect.

I think though, despite focus being my word, it doesn’t mean that I can’t relax. It doesn’t mean I can’t still be spontaneous and do things a little differently. Being the most successful version of me, personally, is defined by my happiness. That happiness comes from spending time with my daughter and seeing her school plays. It comes from having lunch with my partner during the week and being able to relax together. Happiness means having time and the ability to change things around, work to my own schedule and ultimately create my own financial success and freedom.

What is your word of 2018 and how will you be the best version of yourself?

successful you


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