20 Ways To Get More Money Every Month

As I’ve been working from home and enhancing my home, life and travel balance I have found a few amazing ways to earn more money every month from home and I wanted to share these things with you. Firstly, I recommend taking a look at another post on the blog – Do You Want More Money? and see if any of that resonates with you. I’ve included some of my top tips for improving your money mindset there. I’ve also written about some great ways you can give a big boost to your monthly income.

  1. Start a self hosted blog and advertise. I recommend getting set up with TSO Host. Packages start from just £2.99 a month which is an amazingly cheap overhead cost for a brand new business. You can also do sponsored posts, paid guest posts and review amazing products with a blog.
  2. Join blogging networks and look for brand ambassadorships
  3. Join affiliate networks and start implementing them into your blog and social media
  4. Invest in yourself and your business so you can set goals that acheive more money
  5. Research your ideas, can you turn that into a business?
  6. Sign up to Swagbucks and get free vouchers every month for completing surveys
  7. Check deals with Top Cashback when you need to renew utilities and phone contracts
  8. Does your bank have a reward or cashback scheme? Check it out and sign up, especially if its free.
  9. Get a good interest savings account and start making deposits. I recommend Plum, it’s awesome, it tracks your spending and allows you to make small savings every month when you can afford to. It always adjusts the payments and you can withdraw the cash at anytime. They have a recommend a friend offer and if you sign up three people you’ll get a nice £25 bonus.
  10. Renegeotiate terms and conditions on mortgages, phone contracts and broadband suppliers.
  11. Become a web search evaulator and get paid higher than minimum wage for assessing the quality of search engines.
  12. Become a mystery shopper and start eating out for free.
  13. Can you upcycle? Look on Free stuff websites for bargains, upcycle and sell on.
  14. Sell the things you don’t want or need on ebay
  15. Do a money making activity in your business every day
  16. Change your money mindset story
  17. Work on manifesting more of what you want into your life
  18. Can you use your skills to earn money? Could you work as a freelancer or a virtual assistant?
  19. Have more sales conversations or discovery calls
  20. Send more pitches for work. Try contacting previous clients to see if they’d like to work with you again

The most important thing is for you to know your worth. You are totally worth it, you can achieve that dream life work and travel balance that you want. You can get more of what you want. You have to take imperfect action every single day. Put this imperfect action into your effective morning routine and goal setting so that you know exactly how you can get more money every single month.

Get more money Every Month


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