How To Clear Your Home of Negative Energy

Do you ever feel a bit stuck or in a bit of a mood for no reason? Your surroundings could be a part of that! No, no I’m not suggesting you up and move right away but there are a few ways to clear your home of negative energy and get a sense of wellbeing and balance back in your life.

The first thing you should do is open as many doors and windows as you can. Get them wide open so you have fresh air circling through your home. This is a great way to direct any negative, unbalanced energy out the door. Visualise any negative thoughts or feelings slipping out the window and away from you.

With fresh air running through the home this would be a great time to get rid of some clutter. You don’t have to do your entire home in one go, just pick an area of the home that feels a bit busy or that you spend a lot of time in. Decluttering feels amazing and is like a therapy in itself. I find once I get going I get a lot done.


You want to declutter and get rid of things that you just don’t need or that no longer serves you. Think of this as a way to make space for more positive energy or for manifesting more of the things you actually want or need in your life. Thoughts become things remember? But these things need space and you need to take some action to clear some space and make room for the new things, feelings and experiences in your life.

I like to declutter my bathroom because it’s a place to be calm and relaxed. When there’s too much stuff in there I just feel cramped. I love toiletries and pamper products but there will always be a few that I’ll never use. I’ll either use them up the next time I shower or I’ll throw them out because I just don’t need them.

I then like to clear my desk because that is the place where old paperwork goes to die. I have a little bit of organised chaos going on here and I always feel so much better when my workspace is clear. Then, because money manifestation is high up on my big asks from the Universe I clear out my purse, my bag and tidy up my money spreadsheets. Again this is making room for more money, more space and more positive energy.

Once I’ve decluttered a little I like to use Sage to cleanse the energy. You can use a sage smudge stick or just the scent of sage and clapping to break up the energy. Whilst you’re breaking up and cleansing the negative energy remember to visualise the negative energy leaving your space and only leaving room for the positive.Keep the windows open wide for a while after and continue to visualise the negative energy leaving the home.

I always feel so much more positive after this little energy cleansing exercise and find it’s a great time to use my gratitude journal, recite some affirmations or medidate.

How do you cleanse negative space in your home?

Home office with green plants, woman on phone, how to clear your home of negative energy

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