Do You Want More Money?

Well, do you?

I know I do. I know so many people that want more money and I’m really tired of hearing people say that it’s greedy. It isn’t. I’ve already touched on manifesting and how you can start raising your manifesting frequency.

I keep hearing people tell me that an average life is okay. Whilst that’s great that isn’t how I want my life to be and if you’re hear reading this then I guess you don’t want an average life either. I am so grateful for every lesson, experience, person and emotion I’ve experienced in my life because I now know better. I am a better, stronger, healthier and happier person and I want that for you too.

I’ve seen so many people in my life worry, complain, stress and struggle and the biggest problem they have is “not enough money.” I’m here like, well what are you doing about it? If you want more of something, you have to figure out a way of how you can get that done. You have to find a way of being more productive with your time, changing the way you’re working, actually doing something instead of doing nothing.

If you don’t do anything, you won’t earn anything. If you don’t earn anything, you won’t have more money. I don’t want to live a life of paycheck to paycheck. I don’t want to live a life where I’m constantly borrowing, burrowing into more debt and struggling. I don’t want that negative money karma on my back.

Photo 07-07-2017, 12 29 33

I don’t want an average life.

I want a successful coaching business.
I want the perfect work, life & travel balance.
I want to help other mums and business women acheive the same.

Start with one thing that you can change right now. I think getting an effective morning routine in place really helps to raise your frequency, be more productive throughout the day and ultimately get more out of what you really want.

I want you to know that if you want more money, then it is so within your grasp but you have to change your money story. Like attracts like, so you have to raise your frequency, your vibration, your energy onto another level. Here are some ways you can start to change your money story from today so you can start attracting more money into your life.

  1. Change your inner dialogue. Each time you have a negative thought, feel it, question it and then say goodbye to it. Then, change that negative thought into a lesson and act. It takes practise, start now.
  2. Educate yourself and surround yourself with positive, enlightening and interesting people that you aspire to be like.
  3. Do a money making action every single day. Do something that will help make you money this week. Manifesting works but you have to take action. You have to be open to saying yes.
  4. Do something that makes you happy every single day. It doesn’t matter if that thing is five minutes or a couple of hours. It could be a hot bubble bath, a favourite book, a game you like to play, drawing…whatever serves you. Create your own happiness and draw in those feelings of abundance.
  5. Take care of your body. This will help your confidence and it will show that you are so grateful for what you have. We are a body, we are only ever one body. We need to love, nurture, cherish and take care of ourselves.
  6. Clear space in your home, your purse, your bag and declutter to make room for more of the things you actually want in your life.

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