How To Start Manifesting

Manifesting more of what you want is becoming an increasingly popular topic and something that more women are getting involved in. There are some amazing groups and free resources to give you the knowledge and encourage your self belief when it comes to manifesting more.

I have manifested more money, more clarity and more mental wellbeing and happiness and you can too. Follow the simple practise of thoughts become things and opportunities will open up for you.

I’m sure you’re hear because you’re curious about manifesting and want to learn more about it. There are lots of places to start. I really recommend reading, watching and listening to The Secret to start with as that is where a lot of people start. I remember listening to the Audiobook and it really opened up so many more possibilities for me.

It gave me the absolute faith and courage to quit my full time job which was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Leaving my full time job as an insurance auditor gave me the kick I needed to work from home full time and make it work. It took me a while to find my calling but I absolutely have with my writing and coaching business. Now I’m absolutely living the life I wanted to live and every single day it’s getting better.

I get the chance to work with inspiring and interesting women. I get the chance to help them overcome mental barriers and obstacles. I get the chance to completely control my work life balance and as a mum that’s all I’ve ever really wanted.


Manifesting comes from a place of unbreakable self belief, mindset changes and a healthy, positive mental attitude. Manifesting comes from a place of deep gratitude which is why I really recommend keeping a gratitude journal.

Here are a few of my top tips for manifesting more of what you want:

  1. Have a positive morning routine. This doesn’t mean getting up early but it does mean making some changes. This can be done in fifteen minutes but allow yourself this time to wake up and put your mind in the best place.
  2. Allow yourself to daydream. Daydreaming is a form of visualisation but if you allow your mind to go deeper into that visualisation you are naturally calling out to the universe what you really want. If you make something tangible then it becomes more real and your belief in getting that one step closer gets even better.
  3. Surround yourself with enlightening and positive people, preferably those also interested in manifesting because that will allow you to constantly be in the right frame of mind for a positive mental attitude.
  4. Practise gratitude daily. I’ve written about three ways you can do this.
  5. Change your inner dialogue. Talk to yourself in a positive way. You know that voice that pops up with self doubt when you have an idea? Shut it down.
  6. Create a list of daily affirmations and speak them out loud with feeling and belief that you already have the things you want.

How to start manifesting more, fruit bowl and water on table

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