Keeping A Gratitude Journal

I really believe everyone should keep a journal as a way to document their lives, write down thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t have to be much. If you aren’t really sure where to start with journal or diary writing then I reccomend starting a gratitude journal.

There are so many ways you can practise gratitude, I spoke about a few last week and one I mentioned was keeping a gratitude journal. Perhaps you’re not quite sure where to start and want some guidance so here are a few tips from me on how to start and keep a gratitude journal. You can of course head on over to Amazon and buy one if you like, however, to get started, all you really need is a word document or a notebook.


We can visualise and speak our gratitude out loud but there is something very powerful and intentional in writing it down. A gratitude journal is your space so do whatever serves you. Browse your local stores to find a notebook that really speaks to you. Choose a colour you like. There are no rules when it comes to journaling, but a gratitude journal should be something that brings you joy.

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I personally think bullet journals are brilliant for this and there is a lot of inspiration on Pinterest for brilliant bullet journal spreads.

Photo 07-07-2017, 12 30 11

Once you’ve decided on your journal it’s time to start thinking about how you’d like to document your gratitude. You could simply write down a list of things, people and experiences you are grateful for. You could write a thankful and appreciative thought down each day or you could make it really creative.

Photo 07-07-2017, 12 25 44

I love the Ray of Sunshine spread as it makes me feel really positive. I know looking at this full of reasons why I am grateful will always make me feel good. You could create something similar in your journal.

Photo 07-07-2017, 12 26 07

In my bullet journal I create a new spread every month so I can spend a moment each day reflecting and being thankful for the experiences I’ve had that day. It is so good to reflect on how we’re feeling, what we’ve done and spend a little time just being in the moment.

Once you’ve decided on how to document your gratitude it’s time to get to work. Start with thinking of three things that you really love about your life and appreciate. Spend a moment thinking and feeling that experience again to renew that feeling of gratitude.

Do you keep a gratitude journal? I’d love to hear your tips in the comments!

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