How To Practise Gratitude Daily

Practicising gratitude daily is changing my life. I know that sounds a little bit silly really, but it’s true. It’s so important to be grateful for what we have and appreciate the life we’re living. Even the times where everything feels a bit lost, a bit dark and we feel a bit helpless.

There are a few things you can start doing right now to incorporate that feeling of gratitude into your life, giving love to the people and things that bring you joy and it will have a massive impact on your mindset, vision and future.

Pracitising gratitude can also do wonders if you suffer from anxiety. I do, my anxiety frequently gets the better of me and I find that looking for things in my world that I am grateful for help to calm me and stop the anxiety taking control.

Thank You Card, 3 Ways to Practise Gratitude Daily Blog Post

  1. Gratitude Walking
    You can easily fit this into your day if you already walk anywhere. You can do this as a family, alone, as a group or whatever serves you. If you can take a different route to your destination try and include nature. Be in the moment as you’re walking and be grateful for the way your body is moving you. Appreciate the people you’re with and appreciate the time you are spending with them. If you’re walking alone then take in some really deep breathes and visualise all those things in your life that you love. Have a list, if it serves you, to mentally read through in your mind that counts all the things you appreciate and are grateful for.
  2. Gratitude Journal – Grab your free gratitude printable here!
    Grab a blank notebook, journal or diary and use it to list the reasons you’re grateful. Bullet Journals are great for this because you can create an awesome spread that allows you to write down what you’re grateful for. Even if you only write down one thing a day the action of moving it from your mind to paper will transfer that energy.  You could try writing the names of people you’re grateful for that day and just take a view moments to think about what they’ve done and how thankful you are for them. You could list a daily affirmation that inspires gratitude. You could list brilliant things that have happened that day and what you hope for tomorrow. It’s your space to show as much gratitude as you need to.
  3. Meditation
    Meditation is a great way to practise gratitude and it doesn’t need to take up any real time in your life. In the morning or before you go to bed, find a quiet space to yourself and breathe deep. Visualise the people you’re grateful for and think about the day you’ve had or are about to have. Try looking for guided meditation videos on YouTube to help you get into this practise.




11 thoughts on “How To Practise Gratitude Daily

  1. yesthismoment says:

    Thank you for posting this. Gratitude changes everything! As I go to sleep each night, I review the day and am grateful for every experience. (Even the yucky ones). Then when I wake in the morning I give thanks for the opportunity to do it all again! 🙂

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