My Top Tips for Dealing with Disappointment

Dealing with disappointment is really, really hard. It sucks actually. When you've worked really hard for something and to be told that it's failed, it hasn't worked or that someone doesn't like what you've created. I have had to deal with my fair share of disappointment both with my own creative ideas. I do not … Continue reading My Top Tips for Dealing with Disappointment

Why I Rely on a Creative Outlet

Do you sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed? It's something I really, really struggle with and have these frequent, almost attacks of being completely overwhelmed and feeling really out of my depth. It doesn't help having anxiety alongside currently being pregnant and sometimes the world just crashes on my shoulders and I have this feeling of … Continue reading Why I Rely on a Creative Outlet

The Benefits of Alternative Therapies

When we think of alternative therapies we often think they are things just used by those that do not believe in the benefit of medicine however, complementary or alternative therapies have lots of positive uses. They are sometimes recommended to help pregnancy, fertility, weight loss, stop smoking, as a way to help anxiety and depression … Continue reading The Benefits of Alternative Therapies

11 Essential Oils for Maternal Aromatherapy

Using essential oils when pregnant can be a great way to relax however there are some oils you might want to avoid using. Asking a qualified aromatherapist, Doula or Midwife about which oils are safe to use is a great place to start. There are a few other alternative therapies you might want to consider … Continue reading 11 Essential Oils for Maternal Aromatherapy