Join My Body Positive, Gratitude & Self Love Club

One of the things I have talked about on this blog is the power of manifesting. I think for me manifesting something has not really been about material things as such but helping to think outside the box, search for ideas and try something new. The idea of manifesting really helps me seek outside my … Continue reading Join My Body Positive, Gratitude & Self Love Club

An App for Kids To Track Their Food?

You may have seen recently that WW (weight watchers) have launched an app marketed for children to "track health goals and food." This is obscene. It's marketed for ages as young as 8. They'll say it's to help tackle the "childhood obesity crisis" in the country but I can tell you it's to eventually make … Continue reading An App for Kids To Track Their Food?

Living in a Fat Phobic Society

As a fat person there are a lot of things that make life pretty frustrating and hard. So many people will throw "well lose weight" into the conversation because they just can't see that fat people deserve equal comfort and rights. Everything is narrow it seems, and it's so much more noticable when you're bigger, … Continue reading Living in a Fat Phobic Society

Body Confident Affirmations

I've talked before about how affirmations can help change your inner dialogue. I've talked about affirmations for self confidence and to use during pregnancy. They really do make a difference because it helps to change the narrative. Sometimes, when I've been practising saying affirmations I start to see things a little differently. It's as if … Continue reading Body Confident Affirmations